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Sondra Denise

Anxiety & Panic –
How to Break Free From its Grip is a practical guide that teaches you how to take back control of your life and how to permanently release yourself from anxiety and panic. This book takes you into the depths of your own subconscious where All answers reside. Sondra shows you ways to reconnect with the magnificent and powerful being that you are.

"I look forward to sharing this book with you, thank you all!"
~Sondra Denise

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Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation
Here is a quick 10 minute guided meditation where you can just press play and relax.

These practices are specifically designed to reduce stress in your life, to promote relaxation, and to deeply connect within.

With Much Love, Sondra

Guided Meditation
Just Press Play!
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Massage & Sacred Bodywork
Massage, Energy Clearing & Sacred Bodywork

Experiencing everything with open heart and senses
Immersing yourself in sensual delights

Feel divine power radiating from your every cell

Imagine being able to unleash this ecstatic energy and transform it into a spectacular, unstoppable force that shapes your life and expands your consciousness

Wherever you are at in life right now — there are ways of making this vision come true

Whether it’s awakening of the senses or chakras, rekindling passion in your relationship, deepening your meditation, finding self-love, or reaching long lasting orgasm… Sondra offers you tools and techniques that lead you to a path of fulfillment and awakening

And all of this is already within you

The more you connect to your inner world, the more you can manifest in your outer world. Creativity, personal power and sexual energy begins to flow in and throughout your body healing the organs and tissues, balancing emotion, providing mental clarity, and so much more.

We focus on moving life force (sexual) energy throughout the body to heal, transmute, and transform. We are able to heal our mind, body, and Spirit with our own sexual energy. This work is offered to those who innerstand their own personal work is required for inner-transformation to take place.

Massage & Energy Healing

Intuitive Massage Intuitive massage is a smooth and relaxing massage focusing on tight areas of the physical body with special attention on what is happening inside the body and the energy field. Sondra has been gifted the unique ability to see, sense and feel what is happening inside the body and energy field and gently guides each individual in releasing what no longer serves and in welcoming lost parts of Self back home. Together, we welcome anything and everything that is ready to come forward. Her purpose is to further assist in opening the gateway to our own inner truth and the wisdom of our bodies.

**Now offered on a donation basis**
90 minutes     $150

Couples Massage- Couples massage can be given at the same time and space by one therapist or with two, your choice. The purpose of a couples massage is to relax in unison, to share in the experience with synced movements, energetically connecting you and your partner. You can also choose an ‘add-on’ with this massage and learn sacred connection practices which you can use to connect together on a much deeper level within your own sacred space.

**Now offered on a donation basis**
60 minutes  $250     Add-on 60 minutes $100

Therapeutic massageEnjoy a smooth and relaxing massage complete with hot towels for achy sore and tired muscles. Hot towels assist in increasing circulation and just feels amazing!

**Now offered on  a donation basis**
90 minutes      $150

Sacred MassageWhether it’s awakening all the senses, rekindling your passion, igniting your inner fire or finding self-love, Sondra demonstrates techniques that lead you to a path of fulfillment and awakening. Awakening to your own inner power is about learning to use sexual energy effectively to fully come back into the body to experience a sense of unity with all of life. In a safe, supportive environment, you can literally set yourself free of the armor that lowers your vibration and experience the ecstatic, creative power of your own unbounded life-force energy.

**Now offered on a donation basis**
90 minutes     $250

Trauma and Emotion Release- When we experience tramatic events and carry unprocessed emotion we find ourselves having much difficulty moving forward in life. It is as if a part of our self had been left in that moment of time. Life is now viewed through these filters and keeps resonating within us leaving us with no choice but to continue reliving these traumatic events. Unprocessed trauma and trapped emotion can be the cause of chronic pain, malfunction, even disease. In addition, trapped emotions can exert a dramatic effect on how we think, the choices we make, and how successful we will be. Often trapped emotions will gather around the heart creating a "Heart-Wall" that may block you from giving and receiving love freely. The methods used are powerful and usually quite simple to rid yourself of energetic weight. Releasing trapped emotion often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. Together, we welcoming anything and everything that is ready to come forward.
**Now offered on a donation basis**
90 minutes     $150

Energy Work- Certified in Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, Spiritual Healing, Emotion Code and Body Code, Sondra offers a variety of energy releases to align and balance all aspects of life. Each session is tailored to individual needs.

**Now offered on a donation basis**
90 minutes     $150

What is Sacred Bodywork?

It’s time we learned what eastern cultures have known for centuries - that sexual energy is the highest form of energy. The energy of creation, the energy of expression.

We raise our sexual energy to create frequencies that heal and stimulate the body and potentially lead it to its higher spiritual self. Sexuality is so misunderstood on this planet that, when it is exchanged between two people, very seldom is there an intent to connect spirituality with it and very seldom is sexuality used as a bridge to take you to higher levels of consciousness.

What if the body, itself, is a gateway to higher consciousness – and vital energy is a conduit for spiritual bliss, abundance, and prosperity? Awakening to our own power is about  learning to use our sexual energy effectively to nurture each other and experience a sense of unity with all of life.

In a safe, supportive environment, you can literally set yourself free of the armour that lowers your vibration, and experience the ecstatic, creative power of your own unbounded life-force energy.

Together we establish boundaries so you feel fully honored and supported in moving only as fast and as far as your sense of safety permits. No one is required to do anything they do not want to do.

"Thank you for your patience and acceptance with me, resistance and all! It feels nice to gently disarm walls with love and gentleness, rather than knocking them down destructively or violently. They have served their purpose and have a lot to teach us as we grow."
- Cusco, Peru

"Thank you for the wonderful work today, and I do hope you know what a difference you are making in my days and path. You, your work, presence, and friendship have already made this a very special year. Thank you Sondra."
- PJ Sacred Valley, Peru