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Sondra Denise

Anxiety & Panic –
How to Break Free From its Grip is a practical guide that teaches you how to take back control of your life and how to permanently release yourself from anxiety and panic. This book takes you into the depths of your own subconscious where All answers reside. Sondra shows you ways to reconnect with the magnificent and powerful being that you are.

"I look forward to sharing this book with you, thank you all!"
~Sondra Denise

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Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation
Here is a quick 10 minute guided meditation where you can just press play and relax.

These practices are specifically designed to reduce stress in your life, to promote relaxation, and to deeply connect within.

With Much Love, Sondra

Guided Meditation
Just Press Play!
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Distant Sessions and Classes

All distant sessions and classes are now offered through Skype or Zoom and include ancient shamanic practices, soul retrieval and mediumship - bridging the gap between you and your loved ones who've crossed into Spirit. Sondra also introduces specific practices, exercises, meditations and tools to assist in healing emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and so much more! Please like us on Facebook and stay informed about upcoming events.

Disntant Session $99 **Now offered by donations, you offer what you feel in your heart.

Q & A:

Q: What can a distant session look like? 

     A: First we connect through Skype or FB video. I will introduce some of the work I can do, ask you what your intention is for this session and we are ready to start. I begin by tuning into you and your energy, identify emotional blockages, nutritional needs, energetic or physical imbalances and everything you are willing to let me see.

Q: How can you work on me from a distance?

    A: During a session, I am tapped into waves of energy, like tuning into a radio station. I tune into your frequency and can see, sense, feel, hear what is happening. I also receive information on what your body needs to assist with its own healing process. I am bridging the communication between you and what your subconscious is communicating to me. All this is possible at a distance because energy knows no space or time.

Q: Can you identify my energy blockages and what is out of balance?

    A: Yes, I identify blockages in energy flow, which systems are out of balance and why. I assist to correct the flow of energy, reset the meridians (like accupuncture but at a distance and without needles), identify the cause of each imbalance and release it or recommend a product to assist the healing process.

Q: I am concerned about my health, can you give me insight on this?

    A: I am not a medical doctor but I am a medical Intuitive which means I tune into the physical and energetic bodies to see or feel all that is happening. I identify allergic reactions to food, places, ideas, people and things (yes, it gets that interesting!). I can see energetic cording - who is sucking off your energy, I find where your energy is leaking and why, identify and correct misalignments in the structural and energetic systems, and so much more.

Q: You are a medium? Does that mean you can help me connect to a loved one who has died? There was so much left unsaid and I need to find some kind of closure.

    A: Yes, I have developed the ability to communicate with those who have crossed to the other side of life. The mediumship readings I provide are offered with the intention for healing and closure and do just that.  
What Clients Are Saying
 “Sondra embodies a need to bring softness and quietness into her and other people’s lives. She shows deep interest, genuine delight and true pride in what she does and how she does it. I am confident to say that anyone who reaches out to her will be gently, yet deeply enriched by her healing abilities and profoundly moved beyond! Sondra holds high spiritual responsibility to be fair and true to herself, and indeed, she passes it to everyone she meets. Her interactions with others show limitless kindness, because she truly honors and appreciates relationships she creates. Sondra values the world around her by continuously learning about its deeper truths and integrating its understandings in her everyday life and her practice. She undoubtedly creates her own destiny and is a strong promoter of ‘letting go what no longer serves’ by replacing it with the courage, success and thriving rather that surviving! I’ve been very much inspired by her healing gifts and life’s choices and I think she will motivate everyone who meets her too as she is a gift to all of us!" -Stefania Ntonas-Kostova

"I have been very fortunate to be able to attend many Health and Wellness conventions with Sondra. She provides a total body analysis to her customers. She has performed Reiki, muscle and nutritional testing and Qi Gong. Sondra has extensive knowledge of alternative medicine and natural healing. Sondra describes in detail what she will be performing on each individual, and informs them of the many benefits they will receive." - Catherine Gersitz
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a distant session, please fill out the contact form. Please do include your email so Sondra can get back to you as soon as possible.