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For the month of December (and possibly long term), ALL SERVICES massage, emotion/trauma release, detox/herbal foot bath,  classes and workshops, distant healing sessions, firewalk - every service I offer is by donation - offer what you feel in your heart.
I have 100% trust in the laws of the universe, trust in myself to create a new timeline for myself, a new reality, a new way of being, to develop a way that allows me to learn, reflect, grow and for all my needs be provided for. We are all in this world together, as one, we need to help each other.

A beautiful si 🌟star who recently particpated in our Firewalk is stepping out and sharing about her experience with Firewalk Peru 🔥

Curious about Firewalking? Are you asking yourself WHY someone would do that? Or maybe even how? Be sure to watch her new video!

The fire is a metaphor for every fear in your life. And if you are able to step through fear and walk into the fire, you will reference this experience every time you find yourself up against fear. You may begin to realize that who you thought you were was actually too small and that you are much more capable of doing far more magnificent things than you've ever dreamed possible.
About Sondra
Sondra lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru, located in the Cusco region. She is working as a massage therapist and energy worker specializing in trauma and emotion release.  Sondra is New York licensed and holds  several certifications in the healing arts such as massage therapy, energy healing and homeopathy. Her specialty is in releasing trapped emotion, trauma and energy resonance.

Sondra has worked with many great medicine men/women, shamans and energy workers from around the world, such as Qi Gong master Robert Peng, Psychic/Medium Michelle Whitedove, and Dr. Bradley Nelson. She holds certification in Usui Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, Mediumship, Emotion Code, Body Code and Spiritual Healing (NCAS) and also offers quantum remedies, TBA (total body analysis), muscle testing.

"I’m almost certain that our most valuable gift is connected to deeply rooted pain in our life and that we all have the opportunity to take the terrible things that have happened to us and turn them into gifts for offering. With that said, I now share my gifts, my passion, my mission.

So I ask you, when was the last time you have been touched by a person who wanted nothing from you?" ~Sondra Denise

My Life Passion

"After a session, people have said to me, 'I don't know what you just did to me, but I have tears in my eyes." Men and women crying because they've been touched in ways that they had never before known. They ask, 'Where did you learn to touch like this?' In all honesty, through healing my own personal trauma. As a means of self protection I learned to feel what everyone else is feeling because feeling my own stuff was too much. So I found a means to feel something, anything, and it was feeling through others.

For many years I didn't understand this gift. I didnt know what I was doing that was so different from anyone else. I always thought I was 'normal.' And then I began to recognize that there is in fact something unique and different... and I was afraid of the power it had. There's a lot that comes with this kind of thing and after years of why's, self reflection, and releasing my self protection, eventually I was able to find gratitude for my past and for my own shadow. Today, I am fully stepping into my potential and into my power."

My Life Mission

"I've been living in the Valley for two years and recently became a resident and business owner offering a variety of massage therapies, sacred bodywork and emotion/trauma release. For me, it’s about awakening all the senses, rekindling passion, fueling that inner fire and reconnecting with your inner God/Goddess.

Awakening to your own inner power is about learning to fully come back into the body and experience a sense of unity with all of life. During my sessions, one can free themselves of the armor and experience the ecstatic creative power of their own unbounded life-force energy.

I  have been gifted the unique ability to see, sense, and feel what is happening inside the body and energy field. I gently guide you in releasing what no longer serves and welcome lost parts of Self back home. Together, we invite anything and everything that is ready to come forward. My purpose is to further assist in opening the gateway to our own inner truth and the wisdom of our bodies."

~Sondra Denise