A Journey Home

"We are the ones we have been waiting for"
A Journey Home
Stepping Into the Journey of Self-discovery
A journey home involves leaving all I had once known and stepping away from a life that I had fought so hard to build. I was lost and up against a wall with what felt like nowhere to go.

It became clear, the only option was surrender. Surrender to the fight, to the struggles, to the life I had once envisioned and forcefully created. Surrender and take a giant leap into the unknown.

In doing so, I suddenly had access into the depths of my heart and all the places that held those secret wishes and desires .

 A journey home has taken me halfway around the world working with shamans, sacred plant medicines (ayahuasca and san pedro) and a few of the best energy healers in the world.

This is a journey of ancient mystical secrets, a remebering of who we are, and aligning with life.

Here is my story…





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    Burned Alive – The Funeral Fire on The Apu: Part 2 Fire On the Apu: Part 1, click here Three men were burned to death in this mountain fire. And there is still a mother and child in the hospital with severe burns. (Update: The mother has now passed into spirit) As I took this photo, I was unaware of what was actually happening. (photo taken from where I am living) The wind had picked up and the fire began to spread rapidly across the dry mountain side. One of the men burned was a
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    Fire on The Apu (Part 1) Life changes in just one second “How long is a second,” asked Piglet. “Sometimes forever,” said Pooh. Two people died and others were injured in a large fire on the mountain today. My friend saw one of these men on a stretcher in front of the local hospital. His clothes were gone, he had burns all over his limbs and body, and he was not moving. Maybe this was or wasn't the man who had decided today was a good day to start a fire. That today was a good day to burn a
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    A Despacho Ceremony – And an Alpaca Fetus? What was really in my bag? From the blog "The Day I Was Robbed - Well, Almost." Family and friends have expressed their feelings on "how far I am taking this whole 'finding myself' and exploring other cultures thing." Well, I will ruffle their feathers just a little bit more. I was invited to participate in a despacho ceremony. A despacho ceremony is a sacred tradition of the people from the high Andes (Q’ero). Its purpose is to bring oneself, family